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Pennsylvania State University
  • Position Number: 2103916
  • Location: University Park, PA
  • Position Type: Campus Safety and Police

Police Dispatcher - Recorder

  • Receive and record all complaints or requests for assistance in person, by telephone, email, radio, letter or other means
  • Question complainants and obtain all available, pertinent information needed to take further action
  • Obtain and relay information to facilitate apprehension of offenders of crimes in progress
  • Select and coordinate the response of officers to crimes in progress
  • Refer the information to the proper supervisor, officer, or department
  • Receive telephone calls from emergency phones and maintain database
  • Receive and transfer calls to building staff
  • Relay instructions to callers in need of immediate assistance to include safety instructions to persons stuck in elevators, notices to evacuate building, etc.
  • Call out additional officers and/or civilians, including resident assistants, Office of Physical Plant, Housing, etc. as needed
  • Notify appropriate resources as required
  • Disseminate various types of information to police officers and other individuals requesting such information by radio, telephone, email, in person or other means
  • Answer calls for the Parking Office and Environmental Health and Safety when required
  • Answer University Escort Service calls during semester breaks and make arrangements for an escort through a taxi service
  • Operate TDD telephone system for the hearing impaired when required
  • Maintain record of telephone calls and radio transmissions in accordance with existing regulations and FCC rules
  • Record all action taken and prepare and send daily press log in accordance with legal requirements
  • Record complaint information on a dispatch card, assign incident/complaint log numbers to officers and record information in the press release log
  • Keep a log of all actions during tour of duty
  • As necessary, make decisions on incidents, emergencies, etc., i.e., bomb threats, illness or injury calls; determine if ambulance is needed, self-contained breathing apparatus, police officers or EMTs, etc.
  • Determine and make decisions on appropriate action for fires
  • Monitor and take appropriate action on various fire, burglar, environmental, and other types of alarms, at all University locations
  • Notify appropriate personnel of fires, or safety hazards and keep a record of fire alarms that are not working
  • Be knowledgeable of all University parking regulations, traffic flow, arms regulations, University administrative regulations, locations of University property, and remote farm areas
  • Responsible for safety of officers and other security personnel on the street through communication checks
  • Monitor Centre Region talk groups and alert officers when off-campus incidents may require University Police assistance
  • Conduct background checks to include criminal history, active warrants, driver's license, vehicle registration, firearm ownership, etc., using various databases such as the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN), National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and the Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET)
  • Identify vehicle owners by appropriate method; consult student and staff directory to determine whether or not violator is a visitor
  • Maintain files, including arrest warrant, Protection From Abuse Order, student separation, disabled vehicle, bicycle impound, etc.
  • Input data into and retrieve data from various databases such as the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN), National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET). Access University Parking Office computer records and determine if a vehicle is on the tow list
  • Call the tow truck agency, enter vehicle information into database management system, and provide explanation to vehicle owner when contacted
  • Maintain lock and unlock schedule for academic buildings and make deletions and additions as requested by the Scheduling Department
  • Retrieve building schedule information from University Registrar Office and prepare unlock and lock up list for campus buildings each day
  • Access student/employee ID card database and obtain activity log when requested
  • Access building lock/unlock computer system to override system when requested, and monitor residence hall card access system during semester breaks
  • Maintain and store exterior and interior master keys for various buildings on campus
  • Maintain police residence hall access cards, automatic external defibrillators, vehicle-unlock kits, jump-start kits, preliminary-breath test devices, money bags, laptop computers, etc.
  • Sign out radios, cameras, keys, access cards, etc. to University Police personnel and other authorized University personnel performing various functions
  • Sign out keys for residence hall students when required
  • Report equipment breakdowns and arrange for repair of these items
  • Maintain records associated with functions
  • Register bicycles, provide customer assistance, and receive complaints in 24-hour public lobby
  • Register student weapons and determine identity, mental capability, and sobriety level before requesting a police officer to retrieve a weapon from the proper storage area.
  • Record information on dispatch card for persons needed to be fingerprinted by an officer
  • Register all sick calls from staff and notify appropriate supervisors
  • Receive and identify lost and found items, record into databases, store property, and make proper disposition of items in accordance with University Policy
  • Notify Office of Physical Plant on all malfunctioning exterior lights, doors or door locks, broken windows, etc. and other condition needing attention
  • During winter months, prepare a report on road conditions and weather alerts
  • When appropriate request anti-skid crews as necessary
  • Participate in fact-gathering process used to determine appropriate closings and delays during weather emergencies
  • Locate emergency response manuals and follow proper protocol
  • Read floor plans, maps, etc.
  • Complete appropriate log while members of Penn State Hazardous Materials Team call in to report availability
  • Monitor surveillance cameras and retrieve images during investigations when required
  • Operate alternate back-up system for the Centre County 911 Center in the event of a system failure. Operate Mobile Command Unit when required
  • Train newly hired Police Dispatcher recorders as required

    Job Requirements: Requires training generally applicable in a particular or specialized occupation; equivalent to 1 to 3 years of applied training. Over 1 up to 2 years of effective experience.

    Shift: Rotating
    Days Off: Rotating

    Apply online at

    CAMPUS SECURITY CRIME STATISTICS: For more about safety at Penn State, and to review the Annual Security Report which contains information about crime statistics and other safety and security matters, please go to, which will also provide you with detail on how to request a hard copy of the Annual Security Report.

    Penn State is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, and is committed to providing employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

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